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Digitalisation has already taken over the course of life and progress in the modern world. We need the assistance of technology in every step of our day-to-day life. We live in the era of digitalization, which has elevated the position of business to a global level. That's why Galaxyweb has all the best, essential solutions for you and your custom website.

GalaxywebTechnology is an all-around answer for revamping of your website's nuke and corner. We are an integrated team of experts, who are dedicated to the rendering a complete, one-stop solution regarding online websites and technologies. Adhering strictly, to our principle of providing the excellent services, at the most exclusive rates, we accommodate services like e-commerce, ERP/CRM solutions, OSCOMMERCE customization and desktop application. We are bound to the level of perfection in the premises of web designing services, which firmly strengthens our position in the respective fields.

We at GalaxywebTechnology take pride in expressing ourselves as a world-class IT service provider company and we have got a team of experts having experience in website designing, Web Development, Mobile application development as also in SEO services. From our headquarters in Delhi, in the span of past 10 successful years, we had worked with clients from USA, UK, Canada etc. Being skillful in PHP based tactics like WordPress, Frameworks like Ci, Yii, Zend, and in Mobile software development in both iOS and Android platform, our approach to each and every task we undertake, is always collaborative and terminates in an innovative result. Striving for the best and perfection, we are a group of ethically influenced people who follow the principle of "what is seen is sold".

Galaxy Web provides you and your business, the height of excellence with a furnishing and total digitalized face to it. We make desperate moves, keeping within our limits of possibility since we value every customer and their business need. Meanwhile, we are equipped with these 6 types of services now:

Website Designing :- Websites has become tremendously important in today’s world. Nowadays, potential customers, search their requirements online, instead of surfing through traditional media, which is then churned and finally funnelled to any website. Generally, that makes sense, why a website needs to be customized to look really catchy. And that’s the reason, why we are here.

Website Development :- We concentrate on the fact that, a website needs to be clear as a mirror as it is the only thing, which would reflect the tenacity and dignity of your business. That’s why; Galaxy Web has designated website development services, ranging from PHP programming to Magneto all.

Android Application :- There can hardly be any person left, who haven’t used the Smartphone, and the Android platform. Those who are tech-savvy, know well about the mobile apps and how important they are for keeping the android device keep running. We are behind this thought. We would be supporting you in every phase to accompany you, in designing the best and up-to-date application with awesome interface & quality.

iPhone Development :- In an era of iPhone’s supremacy, iPhone applications are becoming a hallmark in the premises of app development. Keeping up with the trend and demand, we at Galaxy Web had countered numerous accounts of iPhone application development with our supremely expert team. Our trust entity has already become compact with the development of over 100+ iPhone apps since 2007.

App Designing :- We are totally lame without application and that can no way be denied. Marketing has moved to a serious level with the aid of apps. Thus, to manipulate the functioning and needs of business, Galaxy Web has formed a team of expert designers to design, world-class, user-friendly and compatible easy UI/UX apps, for desktop, mobile as well as the web platform.

Online Promotion :- You might be wondering, why don’t you get many visitors even if your website looks much better than your competitor? It might be because of the corresponding areas that cause you to lag behind. To gain visitors, you need to get optimized in social media, generate back-links and eradicate negative comments contradictory to your business. And these all services are clearly accomplished by Galaxy Web in a professional way.

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